Specialty coffeeSpecialty coffee refers to high-quality coffee beans that are grown in specific regions and have unique characteristics.

These beans are typically grown at high altitudes and are hand-picked to ensure that only the ripest and best beans are used.

They are then processed using techniques that preserve their unique flavors and aromas.
Specialty coffee is often distinguished from commercial coffee by its taste, which is generally considered to be more complex and well-balanced. Specialty coffee beans are usually graded based on factors such as acidity, body, flavor, and aroma. Beans that score 80 points or higher on a 100-point scale are considered to be specialty grade.

Specialty coffee is also often associated with sustainable and ethical practices, such as fair trade and organic farming. Many specialty coffee roasters also work directly with farmers to ensure that they are paid a fair price for their beans and that their farms are managed in a way that is environmentally friendly.

In addition to the growing and roasting of specialty coffee beans, there are also highly trained baristas who are skilled in brewing and preparing the coffee in a way that brings out its unique flavors and aromas. This method is called Specialty Coffee Brewing.

Specialty coffee culture has gained a lot of popularity worldwide and they are now also a lot of competitions and certifications like barista championship, latte art competition and coffee cupping, which evaluate the skill of baristas and roasters, and also allow them to showcase their abilities.

Companies like Zar Cafè are committed every day to providing their customers with the best specialty coffees.

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